Experience the power of Colmar Technology Services in your environment

Whether you’re looking to deploy a new safe infrastructure environment, renew your deployment services or streamline existing processes, Colmar Technology Services can deliver the level of integration you need.

Colmar Technology Services provides a comprehensive set of services to take care of your environment at all stages. The most advanced of them aimed at bringing Magento development to the whole in two ways:

  • Automated Magento Development Environment Provisioning allows Deployment Engineers to spin up development instances in a matter of minutes with zero downtime, regardless of which code branch┬áthese instances require. This makes your development environment blazingly fast and eliminates infinite nightmare of code deployments.
  • Automated Testing For Magento with Jenkins┬ádrastically reduces the time taken to thoroughly test all the new updates, improvements and features before pushing them to Production by transforming all tedious, error-prone and time-consuming operations into a set of automated actions, thus streamlining product delivery.

If you’re experiencing regular downtimes on your website, you may be interested in our Downtimes Terminator service that will help identify root causes of these downtimes.Furthermore, we will also provide you with a list of recommended adjustments or improvements that will help your environment to be even more agile and reliable.

For those who craves the development flexibility, we offer full OpenStack integration or Continuous Deployments concept with a custom Git integration. These services will allow you to easily monitor your development and deployment processes, increase your products delivery rates via automation and grab more sales. We can also help you to document your deployment process to bring clarity and get your new developers up and running in lesser time.

If you are looking for an e-commerce website, Colmar Technology Services is a perfect place to start. We will create it for you from the scratch, strictly following all your wishes and requirements and keeping it simple, functional and fast.

If you are already an owner of your big store, Colmar Technology Services also have something to offer, like:

  • Magento Sweeper, to keep your development instances safe and secure;
  • Magento Extension Scripts to automate routine activities when working with your own extensions;
  • Stability Examination which is the perfect tool to check your website for potential functional and performance bottlenecks and see how well it handles unexpected traffic splashes.

Another vital aspect related to your environmental reliability is how fast you can deal with downtimes, disasters and other accidental events. What is your first priority in case of emergency? Which persons should be informed when disaster occurs? What are appropriate ETA thresholds to fix minor issues or rebuild the whole infrastructure? Let Colmar Technology Services take care of making a thoroughly-crafted Disaster Recovery Plan and bringing emergency management under your control.

Having all required documentation on board, you are surely to be more agile in term of development rates and scaling. If your documentation needs to be updated, transferred, rebuilt, or (even worse) created, Colmar Technology Services will help you with that. Your success multiplies here.

With an unparalleled focus on the most hi-end and flexible service offerings, Colmar Technology Service solutions provide a seamless integration in your environment and implementation of deployment and infrastructure-related services with the highest cost-benefit ratio. Our services, as the result of our expertise, best practices methodologies and immutable desire for qualitative delivery, will enable your company to set accurate and lightning-fast development and deployment processes, improve reliability of deliverable products, expand its market share.