Colmar Technology Services is specialized in providing dedicated teams and specialists services for US and Western Europe markets.

Our clients:

  • IT companies
  • Web and design studios
  • Telecommunication companies

Our clients benefit from:

  • Quick reaction and close cooperation
  • NDA
  • Services Agreement with a complete list of terms and conditions

We ensure best price-performance ratio for our services because our offices are located in Eastern Europe that is famous for its highly-qualified staff.


Work Terms

When hiring dedicated teams there is one potential problem that may affect communication and, as the result, the overall productivity. This problem is called Different Timezones.

We provide two solutions for this:

  1. Overlap. We define intersecting working hours for both sides and coordinate the work according to this schedule.
  2. Customer’s Timezone. We work according to the customer’s working hours.

Such a diversity allows us to provide customers with value-added services that are specifically tailored to their needs and react quickly to different requirements or emergency situations. We guarantee outstanding levels of security and quality of our services!

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